Sademer3D Servicio de ayuda a la toma de decisiones en la gestión de emergencias

3D VISUAL aid system for the decision-taking in emergency management.

In managing an emergency it is crucial to have as much information as possible. Therefore, it is vital to have the highest number of up-to-date data.

However, the large amount of information available can become a potential source of noise. For the Sademer3D team, the form in which these data are presented is the key factor for becoming quality information.

Sademer3D is provided with the value of usability in the emergency management of any kind.

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Optimized analysis

Through its web interface you can:

  • Manage the available resources
  • Get information about the attrition of human resources available
  • Automate, through confirmed SMS, the coordination of management protocol command during the vital first few minutes
  • Inform the media in an automated way

... and many more utilities.


Fast communication

Meet the foreseeable development of the emergency and residential areas which could be affected in the coming hours, days or weeks after breaking out and get in contact with the teams deployed as well as their management bodies. You also have devices for direct communication with the users who are connected to the system, sending of messages via e-mail, sms and a public website to provide information to the citizens.


Management team

We have the capacity to serve the static and dynamic forest fire risk indexes with daily graphic reports. Together with the local weather forecast and the combustibility indexes of the area, we can help you predict the evolution of warning, get annual reports, emergency costs, etc.